Private tours to Chernobyl zone and Prypiat

Private tours to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and Prypiat.

Private excursion to the Exclusion Zone is an excellent option for both one person and a group of people. Also, such trip is a great gift and an interesting, unforgettable experience.

Tour programs are compiled according to the wishes of customers, taking into account all the selected places to visit, time of departure and duration. During the trip you will be accompanied by a professional guide, a worker of the Zone, and an interpreter (if necessary).

There are radiation-hazardous places in the Chernobyl zone, of course. However, the routes in the tour program ARE NOT PRESENTED RADIATION HAZARD with clear compliance with the requirements of the escorts.

Private tours to Chernobyl ZonePrivate trip to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with guidePrivate tour to Exclusion Zone of ChernobylPrivate tour to Chernobyl and Prypiat


Jointly with you we will tailor the best program to make your visit most informative and truly remarkable!

One-day trip:

  • Stela “Chernobyl district”;
  • entrance to the 30-kilometer zone: the Zone checkpoint “Dytyatki”;
  • villages of Zalissia and Kopachi: survey of the survived buildings;
  • checkpoint “Lelev”: entrance to the 10-kilometer zone;
  • decontaminated Red Forest in place of the western radioactive trace from the first, most powerful emission from the explosion of the 4th power unit;
  • town of Pripyat abandoned by residents more than a quarter century ago:

“Ferris wheel”; kindergarten and school, city pool the town of Pripyat a pier with a flooded dock, a police building with a pre-trial detention center; Town Executive Committee building – the first headquarters of the liquidation of the consequences of the accident; Hotel Polissya, where there was an observation point to adjust helicopter operations over the ruins of the 4th reactor; the hospital that took the first victims of the accident and its liquidation.

  • the Chernobyl NPP:

Memorial at the administrative building, Sarcophagus – observation platform, soms feeding.

  • lunch in the dining room of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (on request);
  • the secret object Chernobyl-2 (radar ZGRLS “Duga-1”);
  • town of Chernobyl:

walking; inspection of the city and the exhibition of equipment and robots that took part in the liquidation of the accident.


Two-day trip:

Day 1

  • field camp of the 25th brigade of radiation, chemical and bacteriological protection;
  • entrance to the 30-kilometer zone: the Zone checkpoint “Dytyatki”;
  • the bypass road to the nuclear power plant around the town of Chernobyl, built in the first month of the accident;
  • concrete G-load hub used for the Sarcophagus construction in summer and autumn 1986;
  • decontaminated Red Forest in place of the western radioactive trace from the first, most powerful emission from the explosion of the 4th power unit;
  • the town of Pripyat:

the building of fire station, which crews arrived the second to extinguish fire at the NPP on the night of explosion on April 26, 1986;
building of town council- the first headquarters for mitigation of the accident’s consequences;
hotel “Polissya” which was an observation point for correcting helicopter operations over the ruin of the 4th reactor;
the hospital that received the first victims of the accident and its elimination.

  • the Chernobyl NPP:

Sarcophagus – viewpoint;
fire station at the NPP, its crews arrived the first to extinguish fire at the NPP after explosion;
park and memorial at the administrative building, where used to be an enormous parking lot where in 1986 thousands of people arrived daily to deactivate NPP;
build the Sarcophagus and other works.

  • feeding catfish in the NPP cooling pond
  • the town of Chernobyl:

helicopter pad;
place of parking for armored vehicles of radiation reconnaissance;
fire station of Chernobyl town its crews arrived the third to extinguish fire at the NPP at night on April 26, 1986;
exhibition of vehicles which participate in mitigation of the accident.

  • setting in a hotel;
  • dinner in Chernobyl-town (on request).


Day 2

  • breakfast in Chernobyl-town;
  • town of Pripyat, extended acquaintance;
  • the Chernobyl NPP;
  • lunch;
  • the secret object Chernobyl-2 (radar ZGRLS “Duga-1”);
  • the left bank of the Pripyat river, acquaintance with nature of the river flood plain;
  • Paryshev village, meeting with selfsettlers-samosely;
  • dinner in Chernobyl-town (on request).


Approximate price:

Number of persons Price for one-day trip Price for two-day trip
1 410 $ per person 890 $ per person
2 450 $ (225 $ per person) 980 $ (490 $ per person)
3 630 $ (210 $ per person) 1230 $ (410 $ per person)
4 660 $ (165 $ per person) 1320 $ (330 $ per person)
6 720 $ (120 $ per person) 1500 $ (250 $ per person)
8 920 $ (115 $ per person) 1920 $ (240 $ per person)
10 1050 $ (105 $ per person) 2150 $ (215 $ per person)
15 1500 $ (100 $ per person) 3150 $ (210 $ per person)


 The price includes:

  • Guide and translator escort
  • Insurance
  • Meal (lunch)
  • Transport
  • Permission to enter the Chernobyl zone
  • Individual dose control


The rental price of the Terra-P dosimeter is $ 10 per day.


A trip to the Chernobyl zone requires:

  • PASSPORT! – without it you will not be allowed in on the border of the zone;
  • rain cape / umbrella; spare socks in case of dew;
  • snack at your discretion and water;
  • personal first-aid set.


Entry into the Zone is permitted only upon reaching the full age of 18.

All participants will be acquainted with the rules of conduct in the Chernobyl zone. And also will sign a document confirming the completion of instruction, absence of medical contraindications for the trip, absence of claim against the organizers of the trip and the administration of the Chernobyl zone for for change in state of health that may arise during or after that trip.

Contraindications for health reasons are: diabetes, cancer and other serious diseases.

It is worth recalling that the Zone is a place not intended for a person to stay, with many buildings in an emergency condition, an unusual environment for an ordinary person. You are solely responsible for visiting the Zone and the possible risks associated with the trip.


Persons under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs, as well as a hangover, are not allowed to travel to the Zone. Complaints are not accepted, registration fee is not refundable.



In one day of a full tour to the Chernobyl zone you will receive a dose of radiation equal to one hour of flight in the aircraft. This is 160 times less than the dose received during fluorography, as well as 3 600 times less than in one examination of CT scan of the whole body!

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